Monday, December 22, 2014

According to TIME magazine, pregnancy centers are playing an important role in why abortion rates have lowered in recent years: "That would seem to be evidence that the quiet campaign for women's hearts and minds, conducted in thousands of crisis pregnancy centers around the country, on billboards, phone banks, and web sites, is having an effect..." (Jan. 21, 2008)

The Reality of Abortion

Each day, women wake up in our communities believing abortion is the only realistic solution to an unplanned pregnancy. In this tragic decision, not only is a human life snuffed out, but a woman's life can be changed forever. First Coast Women’s Services, however, seeks a more immediate route by supporting one woman at a time, to spare her and her unborn child the sorrow of abortion.

Offering Hope

Free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, abortion information, referrals and consults, and material assistance are just some of the many services that empower women to choose life. First Coast Women’s Services is a pregnancy care center that operates under the guidelines of Care Net International which provides compassionate hope and help to women and men who are facing fear and indecision in a time of real crisis. We are a local expression of a national movement of Pregnancy Care Centers across the nation that in the words of TIME magazine, are the "kind, calm, non-judgmental" face of the pro-life movement.

Join With Us

First Coast Women’s Services invites you to learn more about our mission, vision and work and to support us in prayer, financially and as a volunteer as we seek to restore hope and meaning to those facing unexpected pregnancies and to ensure a future for their unborn babies.

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Ministry Report
  • Over 67% of clients seen are unmarried.
  • Over 60% are under the age of 25.
  • 55% state they are already a believer in Christ
  • At least 176 clients, who intended to abort, changed their mind after receiving counsel.
  • 25,000 in material assistance is given annually to meet physical needs.
  • Over 3500 clients visit our four centers.

Support Our Clients

The following is a list of some of the services that our clients receive from our center:

  • Free Pregnancy test
  • Education about pregnancy, abortion and adoption
  • One on one counseling
  • Emotional support during and after pregnancy
  • Maternity clothes
  • Baby clothes and limited baby items


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